Pension advice

Pension advice

Last update : 29/02/2024
What is the difference between an old age pension and a retirement pension?

The old age pension (pensione di vecchiaia) is the pension benefit provided by the General Compulsory Insurance (assicurazione generale obbligatoria), by the funds that replace it, as well as by the separate management scheme of the INPS (Italian National Social Security Institute) upon reaching a certain age (currently 67 years for both men and women) together with holding, as a general rule, at least 20 years of contributions.

The Early Retirement Pension (Pensione Anticipata), on the other hand, is the pension treatment granted to workers enrolled in the General Compulsory Insurance in the special management schemes for self-employed workers (artisans, traders and direct cultivators) and in its substitutive funds, as well as to those enrolled in the separate management scheme of the INPS, upon completion of the contribution requirement only (currently 42 years and 10 months for men and 41 years and 10 months for women) regardless of the beneficiary’s age.


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