Technology Partnership

Our partnerships for complete, secure and innovative services.


Thanks to our Professionals and the partnership with Studio De Luca & Partners we can offer our customers an integrated service with the following consulting activities:

  • Contracts;
  • Management of the conduct and resolution of agency reports;
  • Risk assessment and estimation of the allowances provided for in art. 1751 code civ.;
  • Pre-litigation management related to the establishment, conduct and termination of agency relationships;
  • Legal aid in this field.

We are also partners of the Italian-Germanic Chamber of Commerce.


We have always been at the forefront of the use of innovative software systems and platforms and thanks to this we can guarantee effective data management.
In addition, we have a proprietary knowledge management portal which was developed in collaboration with Studio De Luca & Partners and it allows us to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge and, above all, value each customer’s history with a view to the continued development and improvement of their experience.

Innovation and security

We consider technological innovation to be a determining factor in the management of processing processes and at the same time a great added value with a view to optimizing the personnel administration processes of our customer’s companies.

We ensure data security with a Business Continuity system, including an advanced Disaster Recovery Plan which is constantly monitored and subject to annual testing and capable of restoring our operating systems and recovering stored data in a maximum of 4 hours.


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