HR Cloud Portal: integrated processes for managing your resources.

“A company is an ecosystem where people
are at the centre of every process
and integrating them is the key to success”

In 2016 we implemented the HR Cloud portal in order to further improve the quality and promptness of the services we offer. It is a complete web tool that is available also for smartphones and tablets – that, on the one hand, allows the constant input of data related to processing and, on the other, consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

HR Cloud portal

It is a technologically advanced software platform based on Zucchetti technology for Personnel Management that integrates all personnel management processes in the company.

HR Cloud is the platform where the HR management solutions suite is installed and it shares a single Database: this solution allows more effective management and streamlining of the personal data component while, at the same time, allowing real time interaction between the different applications installed (payroll, attendance, workflow, etc …).

The web portal is specifically designed to provide outsourcing services that allow total management of personal/contributory data processes through the use of a single, innovative, simple and immediate tool that acts as a bridge connecting HR Cloud and the Customer.

The main features of HR Cloud

  1. Individual personnel records
  2. Employee documents
  3. Gross / Net simulator and company costs
  4. Corporate communications

Login to the HRCapital portal

Thanks to the highest technology available on the market, all personnel data and information only needs be entered once, resulting in instant availability across all the applications and streamlines the Personnel Office’s activities considerably.

Through the HR Cloud portal, we also allow customers to carry out a large number of modular data retrievals, which can be customised directly by the Personnel Office at any time in multilingual mode.

On request, the portal is also available to individual employees who are then able to access, refer to, print and keep their personal documents (pay slips, annual CU model, company communications, etc.), in a self-service mode and in full compliance with privacy regulations.

The data is stored at a data centre – certified according to international ISO/IEC 27018:2019 standards – and has been designed and manufactured to the highest safety standards. Advanced disaster recovery and cross-save and automated data systems ensure business continuity at the highest level possible available with existing technology.

The HR Cloud Portal is a modular, scalable and customisable web solution tailored to the specific needs of the customer that allows all HR processes to be optimised thanks to its single database:


The DMS (Document Management System) allows you to archive, catalogue and publish in real time the documents related to the administrative management of personnel (payslips, time sheets, CU circulars, letters, contracts, etc.).


Through the HR Cloud Portal, all our services are always available, specifically:

  • attendance and workflow;
  • expense reports;
  • travel;
  • payroll;
  • accounting for salaries;
  • staff budget;
  • selection and online CV;
  • compensation and evaluations;
  • training;
  • corporate welfare;
  • advanced analytical and statistical tools.

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