Values and mission

Giving value to human resources

Our mission

The management of human capital is a central element in business.
We aim to be a reference point in the scope of the services we offer.
As a competent, effective, and punctual business partner, we seek excellence and accuracy in payroll and HR administration management.

Proactive management
in an ever-changing sector.

Payroll and HR
administration excellence
and accuracy

in staff training.

Technological innovation
is decisive for
administration processes.

Diversity and equal opportunities

We have always created the necessary conditions for the enhancement of women at work.

Women now account for more than 60% of the professional team.

Everyone has the same career opportunities and remuneration is on an objective and meritocratic basis in order to foster a richer and more inspiring working environment every day.


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We are always looking for new talents to join our team of professionals

At HR Capital we pursue the development and sharing of knowledge, always investing in training and technological innovation.
If you are looking for a company which will appreciate and enhance your talent, send us your CV.

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