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New social security agreements between Italy-Albania and Italy-Japan: updates 

The international mobility of workers within Europe is regulated by EU regulations no. 883/2004 and 987/2009. Outside the scope of application of these regulations, bilateral social security agreements entered ...

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Access to early retirement “Quota 102”: INPS provides operating instructions

In circular no. 38 dated 8 March 2022, INPS issued the operating instructions to access the early retirement pension under Art. 1, paragraph 87, of Law no. 234/2021 (“Budget ...

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Pensions: INPS outlines the 2022 changes

Budget Law 2022 (Law no. 234/2022) has made significant changes to some pension regulations that, on an experimental basis, were to expire on 31 December 2021. These are “Quota ...

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Brexit: new INPS clarifications

Following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland from the European Union and applying the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) and the Protocol on Social Security Coordination ...

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Contribution exemptions under the age of 36: INPS clarifications

With circular letter no. 56 of April 12, 2021, INPS has provided the first clarifications regarding the exemption from contributions for employers who hire employees under the age of ...

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Smart working: meal vouchers are still exempt (Agendadigitale.eu, 15 March 2021 – Nunzio Lena, Andrea Di Nino)

The Inland Revenue, in its answer to question no. 123 of 22 February 2021, clarified the tax and social security payment for meal vouchers received by smart working employees. ...

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Public Administration non-recruitment – employee unentitled to the social security position update (Andrea Di Nino, Sintesi – Ordine dei Consulenti del Lavoro, January 2021)

The Supreme Court of Cassation, by Order no. 25225 of 10 November 2020, affirmed that, if there is an unlawful infringement of a right to be employed by a ...

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Extension of wage subsidies included in the 2021 Budget Law

Following the continuation of the state of emergency, the 2021 Budget Law extended the COVID wage subsidies for a further 12 weeks. These 12 weeks must be between 1 ...

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The 2021 Budget Law: social security contribution exemptions overview

The 2021 Budget Law continues to focus on social security contributions, to generate employment and ensuring greater company liquidity. Below is a brief overview of the main legal exemptions. ...

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Dismissal due to age limit: obligation to give contractual notice

The Supreme Court of Cassation, under Order no. 18955 published on 11 September 2020, stated that in cases of dismissal due to reaching the age limit, the employee is ...

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Contribution exemption for employers who do not require further wage supplements

Following the August decree provisions, with the 18 September circular no. 105, INPS has provided the first instructions about the contribution exemption for employers who do not require further ...

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From 16 September social security and welfare contributions payments to INPS are resumed

The decrees issued during the emergency provided for the suspension of payments due in March, April, and May 2020. Employers included in certain categories outlined in the decrees could ...

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Pension funds and advances against TFR (Italian termination benefits)

The recent reforms in pension laws, the most recent introduced with Italian Legislative Decree no. 78/2010 have made restrictive modifications to the rules for obtaining a pension and sharp ...

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Supplementary pension: Covip standardizes the procedures

Covip (the Pension Fund Supervision Commission) has taken steps to standardize the procedures relating to forms and communications but also registration and payment of the related contribution to supplementary ...

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