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The favourable tax regime for repatriated workers does not require the employer to be Italian

With its answer to question no. 596/2021, the Inland Revenue has expressed its opinion on the recognition of the tax favourable regime for repatriated workers who come back to ...

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Repatriate workers: procedure for exercising the option for favourable regime extension purposes

With provision no. 60353 of 3 March 2021, The Inland Revenue provided operating procedures by which workers, employees and self-employed, beneficiaries of the special regime for repatriates, may opt ...

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Tax regime for workers returning to Italy following a posting abroad: the Inland Revenue answer

With answer to question no. 42 of 18 January 2021, the Inland Revenue has expressed its opinion on the application of the favourable regime introduced by art. 16 of ...

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Repatriated workers: new instructions from the Inland Revenue

With its circular no. 33/E/2020 of 28 December 2020, the Inland Revenue, provided new instructions regarding the favourable tax regime granted to repatriated workers and recently governed by the ...

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Towards 3-4 thousand euros performance bonuses

The government is currently considering the possibility to expand, in 2017, the performance bonus from the current 2,000 euros (2,500 in the case of equal involvement of the company’s ...

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