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National Labour Inspectorate: first instructions about the new provisions on extracurricular internships

In note no. 530 of 21 March 2022, the National Labour Inspectorate (“INL“) has provided some clarifications on extra-curricular internships, particularly the new provisions introduced by Law no. 234/2021 ...

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Probation clause: specification requirement and reference to collective bargaining (Andrea Di Nino, Sintesi- Ordine dei Consulenti del Lavoro, marzo 2022)

In its ruling no. 1099 of 14 January 2022, the Court of Cassation outlined the specification requirement of the probationary clause and its inclusion in the individual employment contract. ...

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Fixed-term contracts: National Labour Inspectorate – INL’s operating instructions on the new reasons

With its note no. 1363 of 14 September 2021, the National Labour Inspectorate (“INL“) has provided operating instructions on the amendment to regulations on the reasons to be included ...

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Re-employment contract: INPS publishes first operating guidelines on contribution exemption (Andrea Di Nino, Sintesi – Ordine dei Consulenti del Lavoro, August 2021)

In circular no. 115 of 2 August 2021, INPS has provided the first practical operating instructions for employers benefiting from the contribution exemption under the re-employment contract introduced by ...

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Fixed-term contracts during the emergency: INL’s clarifications

The severe repercussions for the economy and employment relationships caused by the Covid-19 epidemic emergency have made it necessary to introduce specific provisions on fixed-term contracts. These measures are ...

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Permanent hiring: new contribution exemption

In circular no. 133 of 24 November 2020, INPS provided operating instructions for the exemption from social security contributions for hires under permanent employment contracts from 15 August 2020 ...

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Company transfer and change in flat rate overtime to monthly allowance

The Supreme Court of Cassation, with its ruling no. 24145 of 30 October 2020, confirmed that, in the event of transfer of a company, the worker has the right ...

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Fixed-term contract: the August Decree’s regulatory changes

One of the most discussed regulations in recent years is that related to fixed-term contracts, and the numerous innovations have without doubt influenced employers’ choices and also affected the ...

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Second level company agreements

The main purpose of company labour agreements is to establish uniform rules which the involved employer and employees must comply with, however, using a mechanism which make it possible ...

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