Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing
  • Flexible service levels (light service, controlled service, certified service);
  • Personal data management of employees and contractors;
  • Automatic updating of the minimum tables for contract renewals;
  • Automatic updating for periodic increases in seniority;
  • Automatic acquisition of attendance data, expense refunds and restaurant vouchers;
  • Dynamic format for inserting variable payments;
  • Elaboration of the single work book on laser module;
  • Net payment lists on PDF files or SEPA format for automatic home banking purchases;
  • Publication and storage of pay slips on the web portal;
  • UNIEMENS preparation and telematic payments to INPS;
  • Preparation of the unified payment model F24;
  • Customisable accounting report also in txt format for automatic accounting acquisitions on customer track record;
  • Preparation of files containing the contributions due to the Supplementary Pension Funds and/or Medical Assistance provided for by the National Collective Labour Agreements;
  • Adjustment operation based on data provided by the authorised Tax Assistance Centres (CAF);
  • Annual summary prospectus of the T.F.R set aside for each employee;
  • Preparation and presentation of the model for the reverse charge of premiums to INAIL;
  • Preparation of the single certification of income from employment, assimilated, self-employment and other incomes;
  • Preparation of the annual declaration of withholding agents, Model 770 – title page and frameworks relating to employees as well as directors;
  • Electronic submission to the Ministry of Finance of the annual declaration of withholding agents, Model 770;
  • Implementing the tax and social security adjustments at the end of the year and calculating the relative deductions;
  • TFR processing and other end-of-relationship skills;
  • Tax and social security equal treatment at the end of the relationship and calculation of the related deductions.

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