Attendance workflow management

Attendance workflow management

Delegare al dipendente la richiesta dei giustificativi di ferie, permessi, smart working, servizio esterno, etc… permette di sgravare le risorse HR di parte delle funzioni che normalmente comportano un notevole dispendio di tempo. Al contempo il dipendente verrà responsabilizzato ed incluso nel processo di validazione del proprio cartellino in ottica di collaborazione e trasparenza.

Depending on the activity modules, employees can:

A) WorkFlow Module
  • view their card online with all the data that the company decides to make available: daily presence/absence data, receipts requested or uploaded manually, overtime calculated by the system, any flexible positive/negative balance or the hours bank balance;
  • access your total residuals (holidays, permits, bank hours) or incremental (amount of overtime and allowances accrued during the month or from the beginning of the year);
  • check their anomalies and correct them by themselves by means of a request that may have to be authorized by their direct manager or the personnel office;
  • request overlooked missed stamps;
  • input, in the estimate and final balance, requests for supporting documents and increased presence
  • check the approval status of your requests;
  • print your card.


Attendance Workflow

B) Holiday Plan Module
  • has a special time grid in which to input, in a preventive manner, the planning of holidays while being able to see the impact of the schedule on the year end residue
  • view the schedule of your team thus being able to manage the related schedules to avoid disruptions or uncovered days
  • (for team leaders) verify that the schedules of your teams comply with company directions and, if so, provide for global approval with a simple click.

C) Absence Monitor Module
  • have monthly and annual dashboards that allow the employees and managers to view all the absences during the specific period grouped into ‘types of absences’ (defined and categorized by specific business needs).
  • view each type of absence regardless of which application has entered it into the system: manually by the personnel office, following a direct approved request from the employee or following approval of a group holiday plan.
Attendance workflow management

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