Management of agency relationships

Management of agency relationships

Last update : 29/02/2024
What does the Enasarco Foundation deal with?

The Enasarco Foundation is the mandatory supplementary pension fund for commercial and financial brokerage professionals with agency or representation contracts. All commercial agents operating in the national territory in the name and on behalf of Italian principals or foreign principals having their head office or any kind of establishment in Italy must be registered with the Foundation. The registration obligation applies to both agents operating individually and to those operating in a corporate or otherwise associated form, irrespective of the legal form adopted.

Last update : 29/02/2024
What are Collective Economic Agreements (Accordi Economici Collettivi – ‘AEC’)?

AEC are agreements that are made between employers and agents associations which regulate the agency relationship. To date, the following agreements are in place:

  • AEC for the industrial sector (July 30, 2014);
  • AEC for the commercial sector (February 16, 2009);
  • AEC for the craft sector (December 10, 2014, entered into force January 1, 2015);
  • AEC with CONFAPI (September 17, 2014), which regulates relations between agents and principals of small and medium industry enterprises.


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