Consultancy in the start-up phase

Consultancy in the start-up phase

Last update : 29/02/2024
When does the obligation to apply a specific National Collective Bargaining Agreement exist?

The obligation to apply a specific national collective bargaining agreement (‘NCBA’) exists only if the employer is a member of an association that is a signatory to a collective agreement. Otherwise, there is no obligation to apply a specific NCBA – although its application is recommended for the purpose of efficient personnel management in terms of regulatory and payment matters.

Last update : 29/02/2024
What are the steps an employer must take to start a business with employees?

For the purpose of starting a business with employees in Italy, the employer must fulfil a number of personnel management obligations, such as:

  • opening of an Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (Istituto nazionale per l’assicurazione contro gli infortuni sul lavoro – ‘INAIL’) insurance position;
  • registration of the company with the portal of the territorially competent Employment Office and sending the simultaneous prior notice of the establishment of the employment relationship (‘UNILAV’ form);
  • opening of an Italian National Social Security Institute (Istituto nazionale della previdenza sociale –‘INPS’) social security position.


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