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INPS Trader Management: dividends from corporations excluded from the taxable amount for contributions (Andrea Di Nino, Sintesi – Ordine dei Consulenti del Lavoro, October 2023)

20 October 2023

With judgment no. 16811 of 13 June 2023, the Italian Court of Cassation affirmed that the taxable base for the payment of the Italian National Social Security Entity (Istituto ...

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Remote work from abroad, clarification by the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle entrate) on tax liability

28 August 2023

With Circular No. 25/E of 2023, the Italian Revenue Agency provided clarifications with respect to the identification of the tax residence and the taxability of the income earned by ...

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Ministry of Labour: extension of deadlines for remote working

17 August 2023

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, in its communication of 4 July 2023, explained that Italian Law no. 85 of 3 July 2023, in converting with amendments Italian ...

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Protecting workers against heat damage

21 July 2023

The National Labor Inspectorate (INL), with note No. 5056 of July 13, 2023, focuses its attention on the protection of workers for the risks related to heat damage due ...

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