Protecting workers against heat damage

21 July 2023

The National Labor Inspectorate (INL), with note No. 5056 of July 13, 2023, focuses its attention on the protection of workers for the risks related to heat damage due to the particular climatic conditions.

in this regard, it is necessary to provide extra attention during the inspection supervision phase as well as during the information and prevention activities aimed at employers and workers in order to to provide useful information on the effects of temperatures The European Commission’s Green Paper on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection sets out the main objectives of the Directive.

in particular, the Inspectorate reports that the excessive exposure to thermal stress increases the risk of accidents and, at the same time, work performance is exposed to vulnerable situations.

The tasks most affected by this phenomena are those involving outdoor activity, especially in the sectors most exposed to risk such as civil and road construction, agricultural sector, maritime and seaside sector.

It should be pointed out that the company has the opportunity, in the case of recorded or “perceived” high temperatures due to the particular type of work in progress, to request for the ordinary redundancy fund by evoking the causal “weather events.”

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