HR Capital and De Luca & Partners launch a new Whistleblowing task force

10 February 2023

A new task force made up of HR Capital consultants and the Compliance Focus Team of De Luca & Partners has been set up to support companies in implementing the new Decree

Our company is launching a new task forceto support companies implementing the Whistleblowing Legislative Decree,which requires employers to put in place a system of protection and safeguards for persons who report crimes and irregularities in the course of a public or private professional relationship.

The Decree implementing EU Directive 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report breaches of law introduces important measures for preventing and combating corruption andensures the utmost confidentiality of whistleblowers, the persons involved and the content of the report itself, extending the obligation to put in place a reporting channel to all companies with more than 50 employees.

The task force set up by HR Capital is a dedicated and already operational practice, even at this stage of the Decree’s pre-officialisation. The task force was created in synergy with experienced compliance professionals from the law firm De Luca & Partners.

The focus team created from this synergy of expertise is able to offer the necessary legal support to assist client companies in adopting the necessary procedures to ensure corporate compliance with the law, and also provides an intuitive SAAS computer system with all the features required for the implementation of a system for reporting any abuse and harassment at work, respecting the confidentiality and protection of whistleblowers. The task force also provides a constant monitoring service to ensure that any reports received are correctly addressed and handled.

“The Task Force set up together with De Luca & Partners is a further example of the proactivity we offer companies when it comes to assisting them in dealing with regulatory changes in the best possible way” said Leonardo Zaffiri, CEO of HR Capital“One of our distinguishing qualities is our ability to provide our clients not only with a high quality service, but also a timely one: the creation of this task force goes precisely in this direction by anticipating, also in this case, the timing of the decree’s enactment. The focus team also supports companies that intend to obtain the UNI PDR 125/2022 certification, which requires a system for the anonymous reporting of any abuse and harassment at work”.

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