NASpI for new fathers in case of resignation during the protected period 

14 April 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to a new HR Capital Tip! 

INPS circular no. 32/2023 has clarified that fathers who resign from their job during the protected period after taking compulsory paternity leave are eligible for NASpI. This is in line with the changes made to the Consolidated Law on parenting, which extends to working fathers the current protections already in place for working mothers.  

Under Legislative Decree 105/2022, mandatory paternity leave is now 10 days and can be taken from two months before the expected delivery date to five months after the birth. The same decree also prohibits the dismissal of fathers during the mandatory leave and until the child is one year old.  

Finally, as clarified in the INPS circular, if you have already resigned and were denied NASpI, you can file an appeal to the competent Institute’s headquarters.  

Thank you for following us and we’ll see you at the next update! 

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