Hiring Incentives: The Ministry of Labor’s Guide

27 September 2023

A cura di: Andrea Di Nino

On September the 12th, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies published a guide on hiring incentives aimed at providing employers with a consultation tool regarding the tax breaks for hiring employees that are currently available. 

In the guide, the Ministry explained, for each benefit, the requirements, conditions, and the type of incentivized contract according to legal provisions, as well as the amount of the benefit and its duration. Clarifications are also provided regarding the application process to access these benefits. 

Among other things, the guide analyzes the incentives provided for hiring individuals under 36 who have never been hired on an indefinite contract. In this case, we know that a contributory exemption is provided up to a maximum amount of €8,000 per year for three years. For those under 30, the exemption is a maximum annual amount of €3,000. 

Furthermore, the incentive for the employment of inclusion allowance recipients is examined, and in this case the exemption is equal to 100% of the employer’s social security contributions, for a maximum duration of 12 months and up to a limit of €8,000. 

The guide also provides additional information regarding incentives for disadvantaged women, southward decontribution, and those over 50. 

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