Fuel bonus 2023, clarification regarding tax exemptions 

25 April 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to a new HR Capital Tip! 

With the issuance of Decree-Law no. 5/2023, the fuel bonus scheme for employees has been renewed. The scheme has been in effect since 2022 and allows private employers to provide their employees with fuel vouchers worth up to a maximum of €200.   

However, an important change was made by the conversion law of the decree, which confirmed that vouchers up to the value of €200 remain tax exempt but are fully taxable for contributory purposes. 

For the year 2023, the fuel bonus falls under the tax base for social security purposes, but it continues to be exempt from taxes up to the amount of €200. Any amounts paid above this threshold, are fully subject to taxes and contributions.  

Thank you for following us and we’ll see you at the next update! 

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