Global Summit Human Resources (10-11 April 2024 – Pacengo di Lazise)

21 March 2024

On 10 and 11 April 2024 we will participate, as exhibitors, in the Global Summit Human Resources, the b2b event that brings together the human resources business community and HR digital transformation.

On 11 April, Andrea Di Nino will speak at the conference entitled: “Corporate welfare: opportunities to be seized by companies and workers”. During the speech, our Employment Consultant will delve into the sector regulations, essential to exploit the full potential of this area and avoid its risks.

Set out below is the full interview given by Davide Di Paola, Sales Manager at HR Capital, highlighting and examining the future challenges for the Payroll world and beyond.

What do you expect from this event?  
We are excited to participate in GHRSummit24, a very important and national event dedicated to the HR world. It will be an opportunity to broaden knowledge related to human resources and exchange views and grow with leading market players. We will also be making our contribution, sharing our experience and know-how with all participants; HR Capital has been supporting companies in HR consulting and high-end HRO services for almost 40 years. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, we offer comprehensive payroll and HR compliance management.

Why is it useful to outsource payroll, and what are the potential future challenges?  
In the current economic context, increasingly oriented towards the optimisation of resources and process efficiency, with an eye also on risk management, the outsourced payroll services sector is experiencing exponential growth. According to recent research carried out by Research and Markets, within the next 7 years there will be a major expansion of the sector globally, from $25.3 billion in 2022 to $37.3 billion in 2030 (+47%). This boom is motivated by companies’ need to save time and costs, allowing them to focus on strategic areas. We present ourselves to the market not as a service provider, but as a strategic partner, capable of accompanying the company in this transformation process. 

How do you plan to support companies in an increasingly technological and evolving context? 
The payroll industry is constantly evolving and requires constant updating. To optimise personnel management, both from an administrative and organisational point of view, companies can adopt three key approaches: automation, reducing resources dedicated to repetitive and time-consuming activities, digitisation, through the transformation of paper processes into electronic workflows, and simplification, choosing more user-friendly platforms. Technology has always been part of our DNA: this is why we have created KenDL, a digital system for the so-called Knowledge Management, the hub that collects all our company’s know-how. For client support, we provide a web platform that allows the entire data management process to be carried out through the use of a single innovative, simple and straightforward tool. 

Why should a #GHRSummit24 participant visit your stand?  
Our approach is always proactive and aimed at anticipating the needs of the market with a wide and customisable range of services: this is why we guarantee a contact person and a dedicated team that supports the company in all human resources management activities. 

At HR Capital we assist companies in the management and administration of personnel, including through collaborating with professionals registered in the Register of Employment Consultants. This is a strategic choice that we have always pursued, believing that the integrated approach and specialisation are an added value for our clients.  With this in mind, we are pleased to have a well-established partnership with Studio De Luca & Partners, a leading law firm that deals exclusively with Employment Law, privacy compliance (GDPR) and corporate administrative liability (Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/01). There is a long-standing tradition of integrated collaboration with the Firm, which constitutes a real ‘one stop shop’ for all employment law and human resources management matters. 

You can find all the information about the event at this link.

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