Human resources management is a key activity within any company.

HR Capital® is a leading player in the provision of Employment Consultancy and Outsourced Personnel Administration services.

As a qualified, effective, precise business partner, we constantly pursue excellence and accuracy in the payroll and HR administration of our client companies.

HR Capital® is synonymous with Employment Consultancy and Payroll Quality.



Supply flexibility, personalized services, and the proactive management of a constantly evolving sector are the distinguishing features of a consultancy approach that enables us to take on all, or part, of our Clients’ HR operations. The quality of the service we provide is guaranteed by the Certification of our Quality System to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, which we obtained in 2007 and have renewed every year since.

The management of human resources is a strategic area for any company wishing to increase its market competitiveness, regardless of size or of the sector it operates in.

In this strategic area of company business, which calls for a broad range of specialized skills and expertise, the recourse to Business Process Outsourcing has proven to be a winning approach in virtue of the benefits it can offer both in the short and long term.

Outsourcing all or part of HR management activities permits:

  • the transfer of responsibility and management risks, which through the BPO are assigned to a specialized service provider;
  • savings in terms of specialized resources, and thus the consequent streamlining of the company’s structure and the opportunity for management to focus on the company’s core business;
  • access to specialized skills: in fact, the company can count on specialized consultants constantly updated on the key questions of a sector in continuous expansion, and equipped with the very latest technology;
  • reduced costs that are decidedly lower, and much more flexible, than those of any in-house management system.  



HR Capital® invests heavily in the training of its own partners. All legislative and contractual innovations are presented and discussed at special sessions organized for such purpose. HR Capital® believes technological innovation to be not only a vital factor in the management of information processing, but also a form of considerable added value in terms of the optimization of our client companies’ personnel administration processes.