Occasional Employment

in Labour

Pursuant to the repeal of the so called “ancillary casual labour” implemented through the Law Decree 25/2017, lawmakers introduced the so called “occasional employment” provision. In particular, art. 54-bis of the Law Decree 50/2017, introduced at the time of the conversion of the Law 96/2017, regulated the two different methods of use of such services:…


DIS-COLL for consultants and adjustment of the contribution rate

INPS issued official memorandum No. 115 dated 19 July 2017, providing application instructions regarding the provision established in article 7 of the Law 81/2017 which – by integrating and modifying the provisions of art. 15 of Legislative Decree 22/2015 – expanded the protection of the unemployment benefit “DIS-COLL” in the case of unemployment occurred from…