Assisted part-time for soon-to-retire personnel has been launched

With the issuing of the official memorandum INPS No. 90 dated 26 May 2016 the so called “assisted part-time” for soon-to-retire employees comes full circle, as introduced by the Stability Law of 2016 and implemented by the Ministry of Labour with Decree dated 7 April 2016. In particular, the law established the possibility for private…


Service Sector: 85 euros increase

Yesterday, Confesercenti and Filcams-Cgil, Fisascat-Cisl and Uiltucs, signed the agreement for the renewal of the national collective bargaining agreement related to the services and distribution sectors. Regarding the financial aspects, the agreement calls for a gross increase of 85 euros per month for the fourth level. (Il Sole 24 Ore, 13 July 2016, page 16)